W6AMT & W6EME Projects Page

The projects efforts at AMT ARC are part of our effort to 'give back' to the Amateur Radio community.
This page is the homepage for some of our software efforts.
They are free (of cost and warranty) to the Amateur Radio community.

  • Best dingdang Beaconner (BdB) - a send and receive PSK31 based beacon program. Permits time-synching (scheduled transmissions), logging of other BdB beacons, bearing and distance calculations, etc.
  • Beacons (HF and VHF)
    • HF: Automates the collection of propagation information from the IARU/NCDXF HF beacons, provides a beautiful presentation, automatic time-synching, bearing and distance calculations and several different modes of signal-history display. 
    • VHF: The VHF section (still under active construction) automates the capture and analysis of VHF beacons (starting with 6M). Bearings and distances are derived from properly formatted URLs (we supply some) or may be loaded from a local file. Permits watching 'all' of the beacons in a given spectrum and recording the strength and duration they 'were in'. At least you can now know how widespread the opening you missed was ;-).
  • DrPSK... coming soon.
  • Big AMT (our former 443.275MHz machine on Crystal Peak; donated to Sunnyvale ARES, K6SNY in 2007)
This page last updated: October, 2012