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The W6AMT Beacons is a Windows program which automates the collection of radio propagation data.

HF data is collected by monitoring the worldwide network of NCDXF / IARU HF beacons.

Screen Shots: Click on thumbnail to get larger picture.
ScreenShotWorld.jpg (82434 bytes)
    This screen shot shows the 'World' tab selected. The display below the world map is a real-time continuous display of the received spectrum. To the right is the 'by beacon' waterfalls collected for all five bands from a particular beacon. The world map displays the currently transmitting beacon as a yellow dot; the distance and bearings to it are shown across the bottom.
This screen shot shows the 'by band' waterfall collection. Data is collected from every beacon on the band so you can see where in the world the band (in this case, 14 MHz) is open to. The calls grayed out at the top of the waterfall are those beacons that may be off the air.  ScreenShot14MHz.jpg (104171 bytes)

Naturally, the colors of the waterfalls (the "Volcano" palette is shown in the screenshots above), the radio to control, the station location and the bands to scan are all user determined.

Beacons also provides time-synching and on-line access to help and pertinent data (via the Internet).


The Beacons program is being expanded to include VHF beacons (6M and up), and target frequency monitoring.

The plan is to collect beacon data by monitoring a range of user selected frequencies (say: 50.0 to 50.1) with the signals detected being back correlated to one of many on-line beacon databases. This will permit presenting bearing and distance info along with the received signals (as with the HF beacons).

Two meter (and higher) beacon monitoring may include rotator control.