AMT Downloads

Downloads we've found fun or useful... or both!

  • D4Time Version 4.1 - Connects to NTP servers and synchronizes your time with theirs. This is a GREAT little program for the online ham.
  • BD_2000.exe - Bearing and distance calculator. Primitive yet complete. Ya gotta like that.
  • - Great Circle Map creator, calculator, and super grid map tool! Best of Breed.
  • - Converts your sound board to an oscilloscope.
  • - From whence MTUF got its gridmapper.  
  • WinMSDSP 2000 - Windows program for HSMS
  • MSFSCW version 6 ( the spirit of experimentation).
  • A whole site dedicated to digital modes (PSK31 included). There is so much going on! Follow the links to find other programs for RTTY, AX-25 (!), Pactor, CW and even SSTV all from the comfort of your PC and its sound card.
  • Search for yourself!

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