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The higher the power, the better the burn!

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MS Software Sources

  • OH5IY Homepage - his MS-Soft program predicts rates, directions, plots paths, etc. Fantastic.
  • 9A4GL Homepage - his MS-DSP program runs RX&TX from your soundcard and permits slowing down yet retaining a reasonable tone for HSCW contacts. If you can't get to Tihomir Heidelberg's site here it is: WinMSDSP 2000
  • N1BUG and VE5UF's Manual for MSDSP. Thanks.
  • COOL EDIT - Sound file editing shareware from the good guys at: Syntrillium. Used by many in the HSMS community as a "visual ping stretcher". (or the tried and true Cool96 version).
  • WSJT from Joe, K1JT. A more automated HSMS as well as LTI  program; it is developing a real following!.

Rein Smit's (W6/PA0ZN ) MS and HSMS page, and his homepage.
Rein maintains the HSMS Homepage linked by this graphic...

...and as Will Rogers might say, "If it don't come up, don't click it!"

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