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These links are to very short and terse textual information regarding various solar and geo-magnetic measures. They are the basic source for all this information and hence the most current. Enjoy!

The Gopher Guys:

 About the Latest Solar-Geophysical Data Menu  Forecast - Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity  Geophysical Alert Message (WWV)
Solar Region Summary Solar and Geophysical Activity Summary Solar Coronal Disturbance Report
World Warning Agency GEOALERT USAF High-Frequency Radio Propagation Report USAF Hourly Magnetometer Analysis
USAF Hourly Secondary Magnetometer Analysis USAF 24-Hour Magnetometer Analysis USAF 24-Hour Secondary Magnetometer Analysis
USAF Auroral Oval Analysis USAF 27-day 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux Forecast USAF 45-Day Ap and 10.7cm Forecast
Current Space Weather Values Yesterday's Space Weather Values 3-day Space Weather Predictions
Daily Solar Data Daily Particle Data Daily Geomagnetic Data
Geomagnetic A and K Indices Weekly: Highlights and Forecast of Solar and Geophysical Activity Weekly: 27-Day Outlook of 10.7cm flux, Ap, and largest Kp
Weekly: Solar Cycle Prediction of Smoothed 10.7cm flux Weekly: Solar Cycle Prediction of Smoothed Sunspot Number  

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